Lukupinon haastattelussa: Garth Greenwell

Garth Greenwell. Kuva: Ricardo Moutinho Ferreira

Garth Greenwell kirjoitti teoksen, jota on kutsuttu aikamme tärkeimmäksi homoromaaniksi. Kaikki mikä sinulle kuuluu on Lukupinon käsittelyssä täällä. Helsinki Litin täyttämän viikonlopun lisäksi Greenwell ehti vastata myös viiteen kysymykseeni Lukupinoon.

1. When talking about Finnish culture, what are the first things that pop up into your mind?
I was a musician before I was a writer, and so my earliest and (until going to Finland!) strongest impressions of Finland were musical: Sibelius and Saariaho, two composers I love. More recently I've learned about Finland through its writers: Philip Teir, Pajtim Statovci, Sofi Oksanen.

Oh, and of course Tom of Finland, whose art is so important for all gays everywhere!

2. If writing wasn’t an option, how would you express yourself artistically?


3. What Belongs To You is really beautiful. Is there something specific that inspired it?
That's so kind of you to say: thank you! I lived in Bulgaria for four years, and fell in love with the place. Writing the book was a way to think about it more deeply.

4. Lot’s of book bloggers have reviewed your book. Do you read blogs and what is your opinion of book blogs somewhat replacing traditional book critique?
I'm so grateful to the book bloggers who have read the book and written about it so thoughtfully. I've long been a fan of book blogs, and my favorites have exposed me to great books I would probably never have read otherwise. I do think there's a role for professional critics, and I hope that our media culture will continue to fund the life-long consideration of literature by people like (in the English-language world) James Wood and Dwight Garner. But I think most writers are grateful for the diversity of voices that blogs bring.

5. The most important question… Your favourite book?
This is really hard! If I had to pick one, the shortlist would include Ovid's Metamorphoses, Augustine's Confessions, and Dante's Divine Comedy.

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