Kardinal - Teresa Kari

Fresh Cut // Childhood Sculpture installation roses, pine branches, glass vases by Ida-Sofia Fleming 2021

Ruusu on ruusu on ruusu.

Kardinal, Video, duration 13.39, 2021

"For me a rose is some kind of key or a trigger for many memories. I have quite passionate feelings toward roses. For years I had a strong distaste for a rose type which is called the Kardinal rose."

Rosaceae Sculpture installation, glass, epoxy resin, spray paint, plants, acrylic glass, wax, pigment 2021

"I have been handling roses for commercial purposes since childhood. When I was a teenager I thought that a deep coloured red rose was the most vulgar thing to give to someone. Later on I have changed my mind."

"In the beginning of the rose project I was first haunted by Gertude Stein’s “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose” stanza, but I ended up building roses from different parts of decaying roses. Like Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein."

Kardinal on osa Teresa Karin ja Nils Tituksen näyttelyä Sub - Rosa, joka on nähtävissä Project Roomissa ihan Hietalahden torin läheisyydessä Helsingissä 17.9. - 3.10.

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